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Assam General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams
1.The cultural capital of Assam?
Answer: Jorhat
2.Which is the oldest refinery in India?
Answer: Digboi
3.Which city is known as the light of the east?
Answer: Guwahati
4.The former name of Guwahati?
Answer: Pragjyotishpura
5. Smallest biosphere reserve in India?
Answer: Dibru Saikhova
6. Which river is called sorrow of Assam?
Answer: Brahmaputra
7. The official animal of Guwahati
Answer: Ganga Dolphin (It is the first city in India to have an official animal).
8. Which singer is known as the ‘Bard of the Brahmaputra’?
Answer: Bhupan Hasarika 
9. Which island in river Brahmaputra is accredited as the biggest riverine island in the Guinness book?
Answer: Majuli
10. Which district in Assam is supposed to be carbon-free by 2020?
Answer: Majuli
11. Who is the present Chief Minister of Assam?
Answer:  Sarbananda Sonowal
12. Who is the present Governor of Assam?
Answer: Jagdish Mukhi   
13. Siva Thappa hailing from Assam is associated with which sports item?
Answer: Boxing
14. In which year Crude Oil was drilled in Assam for the first time?
Answer: 1889  
15. Ramsar site/s in Assam.
Answer: Deepor Beel ( It is a permanent freshwater lake and added to Ramsar sites in November 2002).
16. Which is the most important Ahom festival, the ancestor worship festival, observed by the whole Ahom community?
Answer: Me-Dum-Me-Phi
Bihu(most important), Baishagu, Ali-Ai-Ligang, Baikho, Rongker, Rajini Gabra Harni Gabra, Bohaggiyo Bishu, Ambubashi Mela and Jonbill Mela.  The tribals of Assam have their own colorful festivals like the Kherai Puja of the Bodos, the Baikhu, and Pharkantis of the Rabhas, Ali-ai-ligang, and Parag of the Mishing tribe, the Sagra-Misawa wansawa and laghun of the Tiwas.
17. The widely practiced occupation in Assam is
Answer: Jhum farming
18. National Parks in Assam
Answer: 5 National Parks. 
Kaziranga National Park, Manas National ParkDibru-Saikhowa National Park, Nameri National Park, Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park.
19. Chief Justice of Assam
Answer: Justice Ajjikuttira Somaiah Bopanna
20. First Assamese film
Answer: Joymoti (The film was released on 10 March 1935).
21. Name the longest bridge in India Dhola Sadiya is built over which river?
Answer: Lohit (The length of the bridge is 9.15 km and connects Arunachal Pradesh( Dhola ghat) and Assam (sadiya ghat)).
22. The smallest district in Assam(area-wise)
Answer: Kamrup Metro (The area-wise largest district is Karbi Anglong       
23. How many wildlife sanctuaries are there in Assam?
Answer: 18
WildLife Sancuatries includes:
Amchang, Barail, Barnadi, Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni, Burachapori, Chakrashila, Deepor Beel, Dihing Patkai, East Karbi Anglong, Garampani, Hollongapar Gibon, Lawkhowa, Marat Longri, Nambor, Nambor Doigrung, Pobitora, Pani-Dihing Bird, Sonai Rupai.
24. World Heritage sites in Assam.
Answer: Kaziranga National Park and Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
25. Waterways in Assam
Answer:  Water-ways– (i) NW2-Sadiya-Dhubri stretch of Brahmaputra River, 891 Km,  (ii) NW6-Barak River, 71Km, (iii) NW16 Barak River, 121,  (iv) NW18 Beki River, 73,  (v) NW30 Dihing River,114.
26. First Assamese film to win National award
Answer: Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai (1988)
27. The first recipient of the Assam Valley Literary Award (known as Asom Upotyaka Sahitya Bota in Assamese)
Answer: Bhabendra Nath Saikia.
The other major awards are:
§  *  Asom Sahitya Sabha Awards for literature.
§  * Srimanta Sankardeva Award to honor persons of eminence in the field of Journalism, Art, Culture, and Literature. The annual award was given by the Government of Assam.
§  * Anundoram Barooah Award for a scholar of Assamese language, literature, culture or linguistics. The annual award was given by Anundoram Barooah Institute of Language, Art, and Culture.
§  * Bishnu Rabha Award for a contribution towards the Assamese culture.
§  * Assam Valley Literary Award by Williamson Magor Education Trust. Awards eminent writers of Assam and their work that embodies and upholds human values and dignity.
§  * Munin Borkotoky Award by Munin Borkotoky Memorial Trust. This award is given to young and promising writers (below 40 years) writing in Assamese for their works (published or unpublished) of literary criticism or of creative literature.
§  * Lachit Award is given to the best sports personality of the year with a proven track record.
§  * Publication Board Award goes to the author of the best Assamese book published during the past 3 years. Since 1973.
§  * Prabina Saikia Award, since 1999, instituted by Ason Lekhika Santha is given to a female Assamese writer for outstanding contribution to creative writing.
28. Who established the Ahom kingdom in the medieval period?
Answer: Chaolung Sukhaphaa
29. The only awardee for Padma Vibhushan from Assam?
Answer: Shri Bimal Prasad Chaliha
30. The latest Padmasri winners from Assam 2020?
Answer: Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma, Shri Jogendra Nath Phukan, Dr. Ravi Kannan R., Shri Lil Bahadur Chettri, Ms. Indira P. P. Bora
31. Name the airport in Assam, named after its first chief minister?
Answer: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati
There are 6 airports in Assam- Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport; Mohanbari Airport, Dibrugarh; Lilabari Airport, Lakhimpur; Salonibari Airport, Tezpur; Rowriah Airport, Jorhat; Kumbhirgram Airport, Silchar.